Amoco school goes to universities

Amoco’s in-house training is a casualty of the BP takeover. All is not lost though as the Amoco Heritage Petrophysics training center is to be transferred to academia as part of the NExT curriculum.

BP Amoco (BPA) has transferred the Amoco Heritage Petrophysics School to the NExT Subsurface Integration Program (NSIP). The Tulsa-based NSIP is one of 50 courses offered by NExT, a new alliance of UK Heriot-Watt University, Texas A&M, the University of Oklahoma, and Schlumberger.
BPA training manager John Dillon said "We recognize the business value of the Amoco Heritage Program and believe it will continue to deliver learning to the entire oil and gas industry through NexT. We are proud that this 29-year old program will still provide value to the industry." BPA will actively participate in NSIP, a one year program taught at the University of Oklahoma.
BPA will sit on the NExT Petrophysics Peer Review Board, responsible for the quality of the NSIP course content and delivery. BPA will also provide appropriate business and technical examples and non-proprietary technologies to be incorporated in the course work. NexT program manager Bill Cotten added “NExT is fortunate to be able to include this world-class program in its curriculum, filling the gap between our industry’s need for integrated, multidiscipline skills and other existing discipline-specific training courses." NSIP is in an interactive, non-traditional project learning environment for reservoir project studies open to E&P professionals worldwide.
The program focuses on integrating multiple disciplines to characterize rock, pore and fluid systems. Cotten claims “Integrating subsurface technologies and processes is the key to solving the business problems that the participants bring to the program.”

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