ASP, asap for Calgary!

One of the first into the Application Service Provision fray is software giant GeoQuest. Offering an end-to-end service of applications, networking and systems integration, the Schlumberger unit is well placed to ride the ASP wave. Calgary’s cable infrastructure makes it an ideal candidate for this first industry-scale ASP test.

Yes you have another acronym to get your head around, ASP or Application Service Provision is another step in IT outsourcing. The idea is to move more and more infrastructure out of the client site. Undesirable elements such as data, software licenses, IT support, server and storage hardware all go, and are managed by a third party. All that remains at the client site is the intranet and the only remaining ‘application’ the web browser.
For this to work of course you need a humongous ‘pipe’ connecting your intranet to the provider, so ASP is not available at all locations. Calgary is fortunate with its cable infrastructure and compact downtown and was a logical choice for the launch of GeoQuest’s first ASP service, “LiveQuest.”
Clients of GeoQuest’s data management center, the “PowerHouse” now have access to exploration, production, and economic and risk analysis software offered by GeoQuest and Merak served via the Web. GeoQuest president Thierry Pilenko said "This new service is the next step in GeoQuest’s e-business strategy, It follows the successful implementation of a worldwide network of GeoQuest data management centers and of IndigoPool, an e-business portal for the upstream oil and gas industry."
Actually, GeoQuest has been in the ASP business for a while; Finder has been available over the web since the launch of the PowerHouse in 1997. Network access to the Merak economics and production software, including Peep Online, PetroDesk Online and FieldView Online, has been available since February of this year. GeoQuest applications available through LiveQuest include GeoFrame reservoir characterization tools, ECLIPSE reservoir simulation applications and the Drilling Office suite.
"LiveQuest security comes from Schlumberger’s own smart card technologies Cyberflex and Cryptoflex.LiveQuest builds on our domain expertise, extensive infrastructure, network security and on the service culture for which Schlumberger is known," said Pilenko.

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