Paradigm e-Geoscience

Paradigm too is leaping on the e-commerce bandwagon with one of the first geophysical Application Service Provision (ASP) offerings - "e-Geoscience."

Paradigm is to offer its E&P application suite over the web. The new offering, dubbed “e-Geoscience” will provide web-based front ends to Paradigm’s software tools for use on company intranets and externally, in an Application Service Provision (ASP) mode. Remote-access was first available to Paradigm’s processing clients for building velocity models for depth migration.
This technology, which enables collaborative work between clients and Paradigm’s geoscience experts, accesses data and applications located at Paradigm’s computing facilities.
The next target for remote deployment is the well data management and petrophysics package GeoLog, already running in web mode at major clients sites. The PlaNET suite for optimization of gas-infrastructures and reservoir simulation is also available from a third party ASP. Future targets for web-enabling and ASP include modules from the Echos, Ergos and Poros suites.
Paradigm CFO Brian Berman, commented: "Web-enabling is an exciting and inevitable development in the delivery of high-end geoscience solutions. e-Geoscience expands opportunities for remote collaborative analysis of E&P projects and simplifies both data management and IT."

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