Indigo & Gaffney Cline team

Schlumberger’s e-commerce portal IndigoPool is to collaborate with consulting house Gaffney Cline to assist companies and governments with intelligent, web-based services for E&P asset acquisition and disposal.

The memorandum of understanding signed between IndigoPoool and consulting house Gaffney Cline Associates (GCA) aims at adding ‘a thorough understanding of public and private market dynamics’ to IndigoPool’s web-based information repositories and secure data exchange channels. The combined offering will target government agencies, national oil companies and the private sector.
The new service to governments will improve competitiveness in the hydrocarbon sectors and enhance policy effectiveness. The private sector service focuses on the use of the Internet to improve portfolio management and property trading capacity.
GCA CEO Bill Cline said " Our specialized domain knowledge and commitment to confidentiality mean we will be able to present a set of skills and services that will change the way that many aspects of our industry’s business can be undertaken." GCA, a privately owned corporation, recently facilitated the Brazil Round 1 licensing round, believed to be first to use the Internet as an integral tool for both process management and communications. More from

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