Landmen showcase IndigoPool

Schlumberger’s IndigoPool portal is to be used at the Canadian Association of Petroleum Landmen (CAPL) annual Prospect Exchange event for online property dealing.

The annual get-together of Canadian landmen, Prospect Exchange, is to use Schlumberger’s IndigoPool technology for e-commerce acreage deals during the show. IndigoPool will allow attendees to make deals on-line and to speed up property preview and analysis. Prospect Exchange chair Nathan MacBey, said "This annual event is a forum for petroleum explorers and international governments to present their hydrocarbon opportunities to a wide audience of global and domestic players. With Schlumberger and IndigoPool we have simplified the process for our exhibitors and delegates."
IndigoPool will house prospect digital data, company and property descriptions. Exhibitors will be able to monitor who is looking at their assets and receive e-mail notification from interested parties. Users will also be able to execute swaps, farmins, farmouts, pooling and participation from their desktop through This year’s Prospect Exchange anticipates 2000 attendees and 150 exhibitors at the Calgary Convention Centre, April 27-28.

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