Web data access for BP Amoco

BP Amoco is working with GeoQuest on the “E-solution” which offers database access and corporate information management from the web browser.

BP Amoco and GeoQuest are collaborating on a new solution for upstream information management. The “E-Solution.” is described as an e-business framework for petrotechnical information management. Users will have access to proprietary, public, digital or physical data, from a common, intuitive, customizable interface
right data
Steve Peacock, BP Amoco VP for ‘Upstream Digital Business,’ believes that "rapid access to quality technical data is a key lever for productivity in the upstream oil business. An approach utilizing Web-based technologies will allow BP Amoco to ensure that the right data is available to the right people at the right time." BP Amoco anticipates reduced business cost from web-based technologies accessing existing databases. Plans are to deploy this new solution initially in Aberdeen, Stavanger and Sunbury, with other sites to follow. Users will have rapid access to all entitled data.
"GeoQuest and BP Amoco have had a long-term business relationship that has resulted in the development of a number of innovative solutions to BP Amoco’s operational problems," said GeoQuest president Thierry Pilenko. "Our objectives are mutually aligned to ensure that this step change in information management will contribute to the goals of BP Amoco." GeoQuest has been providing information management services and expertise to BP Amoco since 1994.
new approach
While these services have been delivered to a number of worldwide BP Amoco sites, the E-Solution will pilot a new approach for access to data and information.

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