Expert3D graphics for Shell, Paradigm

Paradigm Geophysical’s volume interpretation system VoxelGeo has been tuned for use on Sun Microsystems' Expert3D graphics card. Shell International are also using the new board.

Shell International and Paradigm Geophysical are both early adopters of Sun Microsystems latest graphics technology. A specially tuned version of VoxelGeo was demonstrated at the launch of Sun’s Expert3D board, a high-performance graphics accelerator with texture mapping capabilities. Paradigm’s high-end 3D graphical applications have been optimized to deliver maximum performance on the Expert3D through collaboration with Sun. Two cards can be installed on one workstation to support dual high-powered graphics heads.
Shell’s interpretation applications manager Rob Leslie said "The Expert3D card brings high-performance graphics to the desktop without requiring us to do any modifications to our software.
The graphics needs of the seismic world differ a lot from those of other industries. We need to look at large data volumes in real time. Any latencies - hesitations with the displays, or with the rendering - are distracting to the interpreter. If they have a train of thought, and they're trying to understand a data set, they want to be able to manipulate it, and interact with it real time." Expert3D costs $3,495. More from

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