People on the move

Moves at the top for Landmark and Halliburton and a new CEO for IDS’ GeoCommerce arm.

John Gibson has been named president and CEO of Landmark Graphics Corp. Gibson’s career in oil and gas began as an exploration geophysicist for Gulf Oil Company. Following the acquisition of Gulf by Chevron, Gibson was manager of geophysical and geological subsurface imaging for Chevron’s Oil Field Research Company. In 1994, Gibson joined Landmark and has held executive positions including vice president of Landmark’s Integrated Products groups, president of Landmark’s Zycor Division and most recently, COO. Gibson is a member of the POSC Board of Directors and was interviewed by PDM last June (PDM Vol. 4 N° 6.)
Landmark’s past-president Bob Peebler is moving up into the Halliburton ‘mother ship’ to assuming full-time responsibility for e-Business strategy (see front page.) Peebler has been Landmark’s president and CEO since 1992.
Scott Nelson has joined Intelligent Detection Systems Inc’s GeoCommerce business unit as CEO. Nelson was formerly with Amerada Hess Canada.

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