New horizontal risk analysis from Palisade

A new release of Palisade’s popular @RISK Excel plug-in offers Excel 2000 compat-ibility, additional curve fitting and new visualization modules.

Palisade’s @RISK plug in is now available for Excel 2000. @RISK 4.0 brings more speed and functionality to the popular tool. The upgrade also sports new windowing on models and results. The @RISK parallel processing option can split large computations over different CPUs across the network.
The BestFit module available as a stand-alone program or integrated into @RISK. BestFit has been upgraded and redesigned with an Office-compatible interface, enhanced graphs, new fitting options and now accepts larger data sets. BestFit is used to calibrate simulations in @RISK or other software with probability distributions computed from the data used for the simulation.
RISKView allows for previewing probability distribution functions. RISKView 4 offers enhanced graphics, an Office-style interface, overlays and direct linkage to distribution functions used in @RISK spreadsheet models. @RISK is sold in three packages. The Standard version includes the RISKView module. Professional adds the BESTFit option while the Industrial release incorporates RISKOptilizer, a genetic algorithm that optimizes simulation. More from

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