Bob Peebler is moving up from Landmark into the Halliburton parent group. His first action as e-business supremo is a strategic alliance with consultant SAIC.

Peebler’s T2B (Technical to Business) integration (see PDM Vol. 5 N° 2) seems to have gained some converts in the Halliburton ‘mother ship.’ Halliburton is to extend and formalize Landmark’s e-commerce offerings in a joint venture with SAIC - the IT consultancy. Headquartered in Houston, the new venture will use web-based portals to provide a collaborative environment for E&P decision making.
The portals, or Knowledge Service Providers (KSP).
will share applications and data among communities of practice (COP). The KSP will extend such communities beyond corporate boundaries to include partners.
Landmark’s president Bob Peebler has been ‘poached’ by Halliburton to head up the new venture and enthuses as to its potential - "This will pioneer the transformation of the E&P industry’s operational processes. No longer will professionals have to come together geographically in order to collaborate. The day of virtual ‘info-structures’ has arrived."
KSP-enabling technologies include reliable, secure, high-bandwidth communications, infrastructure, and scaleable, high performance software and computing facilities. Step in SAIC’s Advanced Network eXchange (ANX). John Glancy, head of SAIC’s e-commerce business said "Our strategy is to apply the skills we have gained in the automotive industry to the E&P value chain, where customers need the high performance, reliable and secure connectivity that the ANX network provides.
Lane Sloan, SAIC’s Energy Sector boss added "Providing real time data integration capabilities is the ultimate aim. Landmark’s expertise in E&P software applications and project data management and SAIC’s strength in applications, interpretation and data warehousing are being brought together to enable the high level integration of multiple data sources covering both technical and business data."
The concept of a workflow-centric portal is said to be the foundation for transforming the E&P operational processes. KSPs will provide a layered set of capabilities ranging from free Internet access of E&P information sources to technical application hosting, data integration services and collaboration facilities. An ‘open’ architecture will offer a range of applications and services from a ‘broad spectrum’ of providers.

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