Landmark’s seismic data management

Landmark is building up its data management infrastructure with an agreement with seismic specialists Scientific Resolutions. The offering spans seismic data loading and HSM robotic storage.

Landmark has signed a multiyear third-party agreement with Scientific Resolutions, L.P. for seismic data loading and analysis technology and a comprehensive seismic data management solution. Landmark’s Bob Peebler said “We are enabling our customers to better manage critical assets such as seismic data and interpretations, reduce cycle times and improve their decision support capabilities.”
The third-party relationship integrates new products for graphical interactive seismic data loading into Landmark’s SeisWorks and GeoGraphix’ SeisVision offering a single seismic data loader for both Landmark and GeoGraphix products. Users will be able to scan an entire network and locate and catalog the large volumes of seismic data typically held online in SEG-Y or Landmark and GeoGraphix formats. SeisWorks projects can now be managed with the ArcView front end of OpenExplorer. Other capabilities include QC diagnostics, interactive optimization of load parameters, analysis and dynamic creation of SeisWorks projects.
Bulk loading and exporting of seismic data sets stored in their original SEG-Y formats is now possible. A seismic data viewer allows users to browse seismic data in SEG-Y or Landmark formats from within the OpenExplorer’s GIS.
The system will offer the option to link with large-scale Hierarchical Storage Manager (HSM) robotic tape near-line and archival systems.
Scientific Resolutions was formed recently by Don Robinson and John Williams who initially developed a PC-based product for seismic viewing and analysis, marketed by Resolve GeoSciences. Robinson and Williams are former owners and developers of the PC-based MIRA system purchased by Landmark in 1993
Robinson added “Seismic libraries continue to grow in size dramatically and the demand for managing these extensive libraries increases daily.”

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