Texaco’s electronic environment

Landmark is to supply Texaco with a ‘cutting edge electronic environment’ set to enhance upstream competitiveness.

Landmark has won a multi-year contract with Texaco to create a ‘cutting-edge electronic environment’ that is intended to advance the company’s ability to find, produce and manage oil and gas reserves worldwide. The deal includes the provision of a broad range of integrated solutions for exploration, development, production, drilling and data management.
John J. O'Connor, Senior Vice President of Texaco Inc. and President of Worldwide Exploration and Production, said, "The new electronic upstream environment gives us the ability to operate with speed and agility, lowers risk and improves competitiveness." Landmark’s Bob Peebler added, "We've developed a deep understanding and appreciation for Texaco’s goals. Our Performance Consulting teams will implement state-of-the-art technology for Texaco and develop and deploy workflows designed to remove barriers to reaching those goals.
Texaco required a ’scalable solution’ from Landmark and its GeoGraphix division to meet its needs, depending upon the complexity of the E&P problem, the risk involved and the production potential of a particular asset."

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