South African agency selects GeoQuest

The South African government agency responsible for oil exploration and production - the Petroleum Agency SA has signed a three year deal with Schlumberger-GeoQuest for its data management.

The South African Petroleum Agency has signed a three-year contract with GeoQuest for data management services. GeoQuest local manager Serge Brun said "This agreement will enable South Africa to better organize and secure its valuable data assets and with workstation-ready data, the country will be in a more competitive position to attract foreign investment to its oil and gas industry."
GeoQuest personnel will help migrate the agency’s physical data into GeoQuest’s AssetDB. Finder and Log DB will allow for QC and cataloging all digital data. Foreign investors will be able to view complete asset lists at any stage, once the AssetDB migration is complete. GeoQuest on-site personnel will train the Agency’s E&P professionals on how to use the software technology over the next year and will continue to work closely with them during the three years of the contract.
The Petroleum Agency’s acting chief executive, Jack Holliday said "The GeoQuest data management system was chosen for it’s functionality, cost, versatility and availability of service and support." The Petroleum Agency SA is responsible for the marketing, promotion and monitoring of all oil and gas exploration activity within South Africa. It is also responsible for the management of $485 million worth of data that has been acquired over 25 years of exploration.
250,000 km.
Currently stored data includes approximately 250,000 line kilometers of seismic data, cuttings and samples from over 250 wells, over 10,000 technical reports, approximately 10 kilometers of core and some 200,000 slides.

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