eNersection patents workflow

eNersection has applied for a patent on its newly announced Work Flow Navigator (WfN) - said to assist e-business in ten oil and gas activities.

WfN is a component of eNersection’s electronic marketplace (See PDM Vol. 5 N° 2) and is said to allow buyers and sellers of technical products and services to communicate over the Internet. eNeresection president Zeke Zeringue says "The Workflow Navigator is central to our goal of providing an electronic marketplace that adds value to the workflow process. This tool will allow our users to solve real problems more effectively to improve the workflow of energy exploration and production operations."
The WFN system supports complex drilling, completion and well servicing operations through task-specific templates that will initially address ten purchasing events: drilling services, pumping services, formation evaluation, reservoir technology, completion services, production equipment, compression services, subsurface equipment, tubulars and controlled well operations.
Buyers can compare service provider responses and talk to sellers through online conferencing. Zeringue concludes "A significant capability of the Work Flow Navigator will allow various levels of linkage of the transaction process into SAP, PeopleSoft, J.D. Edwards, Oracle and other accounting systems to add financial value to the workflow process."

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