New borehole software from TTI

Technical Toolboxes Inc. (TTI) has released 3D3 Planner – a new directional borehole, well planning and survey management tool for Windows. 3D3 is used to design 3D trajectories for oil, gas, water and geothermal wells

TTI’s new 3D well planning software can be used to plan trajectories for exploration wells, but equally for designing and installing pipelines by horizontal directional drilling. 3D3 allows for "What if" scenarios to speed up the planning process. Pre defined 2D and 3D profiles can be combined to build complex geometries and enable the engineer to develop proposals for all possible well scenarios with minimal effort. Well path optimization is achieved through TTIs torque/drag analysis.


Other functions include survey computations, "project ahead" from survey station to target, formation or well plan and the software produces a table of planned path surveys including required dogleg and tool-face to help the field engineer correctly orient directional drilling equipment. A user-friendly Visual Basic spreadsheet interface with 2D and 3D graphics allows for selection of units of measure system with automatic conversion and recalculation. 3D3 boasts complete Excel integration for data storage and reporting. More from

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