Acquisitive Scintrex

Scintrex is to acquire Edcon Inc. and Photo Gravity Corp. as part of a sector consolidation strategy.

Edcon has 30 years experience gravity surveying and interpretation, with offices in the U.S., Canada, South America and the Netherlands. 1998 revenues were US $2.9 million. Photo Gravity has been performing land and seafloor gravity and magnetic surveys for 40 years and generated approximately US$ 1 million in revenue in 1999.


General Manager Bob Lo said "These acquisitions are part of a strategy of industry consolidation which is making Scintrex market leader in geophysical instrumentation and services in the oil and gas sector.” Scintrex will make immediate savings by combining the operations of Edcon’s Denver operations and that of Micro g, and reducing overhead and operating expenses in these two operations.


Scintrex, founded 50 years ago, was acquired by Ontario-based IDS in 1998. IDS is develops, and manufactures sensor technology and communication systems. IDS’ also manages the eCommerce web portal

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