Terrasciences and PST cooperate

PST and Terrasciences will share technology to enable neural net computations on well log database.

Terrasciences and Petroleum Software Technologies have signed an agreement that will allow PST’s NNLAP and Rt-Mod software to directly access Terrasciences well file data.

neural net

NNLAP uses a neural-net to analyze well logs for rock typing and to synthesize and edit logs and core properties in wells with missing data. NNLAP claims advantages over traditional linear regression and deterministic methods in solving non-linear problems.


Rt-Mod is an inversion-modeling package for a wide variety of resistivity tools including Russian BKZ logs, Chinese logs, 6FF40 induction logs, ES logs and Schlumberger’s AIT tool. Terrasciences will also be marketing the PST software.

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