RC2 gets HOT

RC2 (RC squared) has acquired Heinemann Oil Technology and announces new release of reservoir modeling package.

Colorado-based RC2 has acquired Heinemann Oil Technology (HOT) Engineering of Leoben, Austria. RC2 CEO Udo Araktingi said "The HOT fluid-flow simulator is a sophisticated tool which generates dynamic models honoring the precision and accuracy of geologic and other models produced by the our own reservoir modeling software."


HOT supplies third generation fluid-flow simulators and is best known for its proprietary Perpendicular Bisection (PEBI) gridding scheme. RC2 provides reservoir characterization software and consulting services using geological, geophysical and engineering data to build reservoir models for simulation. RC2 applies geostatisticial techniques to seismic inversion, depth migration and reservoir modeling and has offices in Houston, London, Aberdeen, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi.

new release

In the new 2.0 release, ResMod has been retooled to address performance, stability, and consistency. All modules now have HTML documentation and computation speed has been increased up to 100 times. Other enhancements are added to grid definition, workflows and a new link to StrataModel 5.0 now works at the fault block level. The HOT acquisition was backed by RC2 shareholders and venture capitalists First Reserve and Altira.

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