SCM Suite

A new suite of helper applications will assist users of Landmark’s Z-Map plus mapping package. SCM also have announced a new web-based training portal.

Subsurface Computer Modeling Inc. (SCM) has repackaged its Z-Map based applications into the "SCM Suite". The SCM Suite is a collection of tools that work in conjunction with Z-Map Plus/ZCL and allow user for instance to build a geometrically and geologically correct framework for complex faulted projects. A structurally correct framework is a prerequisite for input to modeling packages including RMS, Stratamodel, GoCad to which the product is integrated.


The package also includes routines for model visualization, compression of Z-Map files and helper applications for base mapping including pie chart displays, volumetric computations and time to depth conversion. Training and on-line documentation for the SCM Suite is available on the new web based training portal

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