Petris cleans-up

Petris is rolling out WINDS Data Auditor for clean up of well databases. The software will be used in conjunction with other Petris’ services on the Minerals Management Service TIMS database.

Petris Technology Inc. is offering software and services for well database clean-up. Petris’ WINDS-Data Auditor performs well data query, auditing and correction from a web browser. Petris can also supply ‘experienced, knowledgeable professionals’ to organize and staff such operations. Petris Technology will be using the WINDS-Data Auditor in New Orleans to help the Mineral Management Service clean up inaccurate or missing data problems that may exist in the Technical Information Management System (TIMS) well database and associated well data (e.g. directional surveys, velocity surveys) from operations in the Gulf of Mexico Region.


Specialists will use WINDS-Data Auditor to compare a copy of a "dirty" database against various data sources to confirm, change, or replace erroneous information. The software keeps track of who made a change and why, so client reviewers can make corrections to their database. �

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