OpenSpirit 2000i

PrismTech has named the ‘first commercial version’ of the OpenSpirit 2000i E&P integration platform. A new special interest group has been formed with free membership.

The latest version of PrismTech’s E&P framework, OpenSpirit 2000i is currently being tested by the sponsor companies. Enhancements in the new release include an interpretation server with ‘basic’ earth model, horizons properties and faults for SeisWorks, IESX, and Charisma. A seismic server is also available for the same products which can be extended to support other datastores. The new well server adds time-date stamps and support for array tools.


A Drilling Data Module set to ‘improve drilling workflow’ is also being added to the framework. This will use distributed object technology to enable multi-vendor plug-and-play in the drilling domain. The OpenSpirit 2000i Drilling Data Module will be previewed at this year’s SPE Annual Technical Meeting and Exhibition in Dallas, TX in October 2000.

PrismTech has also announce the launch of the OpenSpirit 2000i User Group (OSUG). The OpenSpirit 2000i User Group which replaces the OpenSpirit Special Interest Group (over 50 member companies) as of March 1 2000.

free membership

The new OSUG is a forum for users to communicate and share their experiences with the product, to get preview information about future product introductions, and to provide feedback to PrismTech about future directions for the product. Membership of the OpenSpirit 2000i User Group is free. The OSUG will also organize technical workshops in both Europe and the USA .


OSUG members will also have the opportunity to join the OpenSpirit 2000i beta release programme. PrismTech is shipping an alpha release of OpenSpirit 2000i to its sponsor partners this month and expects a beta release to be shipped in March. More from

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