Union Pacific

Veritas has won a contract with Union Pacific Resources Inc of Calgary to manage its seismic data library.

Calgary based Veritas GeoServices is to archive and manage seismic data for Union Pacific Resources Inc. (UPRI). The long-term service agreement includes archiving multi-format data types to leading-edge storage media and technology. Seismic data will be stored using RODE encapsulation and will undergo ‘stringent quality control procedures.’

Seisland Manager

This digital archival of seismic data will allow UPRI to utilize Seisland Manager as their data management application including the retrieval of archived data stored on site at Veritas via a high-speed direct fiber network connection.

cost conscious

Veritas’ VP of Geomatics and Data Management Barry Bergos said "We specialize in providing instant, reliable and cost-conscious data management and access, with a comprehensive suite of archival and storage technologies. With fully customized 24-hour instant access to proprietary on-line data, UPRI will be in a position to fully leverage its critical data assets without the requirement of additional hardware or software." �

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