Landmark’s drilling data management system Dims for Windows is now internet enabled allowing users remote access to drilling data from a web browser.

The new internet-enabled iDims software allows the remote drilling location to be hooked into the corporate intranet. Incoming data from the rig site provides drilling morning reports, summary reports, while engineers at the rig can access historical data stored in head office and other locations. Landmark claims that Dims for Windows (DFW) is ‘the established standard for gathering and disseminating drilling and well service operations data’.


But not all asset team professionals require a full DFW system. iDims provides the cut-down functionality required and uses firewall security to manage access to current electronic well data. Landmark’s John Willis adds "iDims provides ‘live’ reporting whereby users can request and view reports by going directly against their company’s DFW database. iDims allows any user with a Web browser to access corporate information from any location." �

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