Rock property modeling

A new version of Advanced Geotechnology Inc.’s well bore design and rock property modeling software StabView includes a variety of new routines and enhancements.

Calgary-based Advanced Geotechnology Inc. (AGI) has announced the latest release of its StabView borehole planning and rock-property modeling software. The software is designed to help the well planner avoid catastrophic hole collapse and reduce lost circulation risks and at the same time, mitigate differential sticking and formation damage. Developed for drilling and production engineering personnel StabView provides parametric analysis even without rock properties and in-situ stress data.


AGI President Pat McLellan told PDM “STABView version 1.3 introduces new features such as color polar plots, 3D elastic analysis, thermo-elastic stress effects, shale plane of weakness model, plastic yielding zones for perforations, a calibrated osmotic model, rock properties and in-situ stress databases, safe mud weight calibration and 3D modified Lade failure criteria. Finally we have added six new problem types for most drilling and completion designs.” StabView clients include British Borneo Exploration, BP Colombia Ecopetrol and Shell. More from

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