1,500 sq. km. coherency survey

Granite Rock (GR), is to perform a massive coherency processing project for a major producing company based in the middle east. The project involves coherence processing and seismic reservoir characterization over an area of approximately 1,500 sq. km.


GR uses Landmark’s Event Similarity Prediction package as the coherency motor around which it has built an interactive workflow. GR Technical Director John Ashbridge told PDM "Coherence processing is a highly subjective process and interpreter input is required for both preprocessing the seismic data and for coherence parameter selection itself. Interactive and iterative desktop coherence processing and analysis is therefore to be preferred over a the black-box approach leading to a single ‘wallpaper’ type result. Our proprietary techniques rely on rendering multiple attribute volumes together in 3D to allow a better understanding of the subsurface. The current visualization platform of choice is Paradigm’s VoxelGeo"


GR also recently teamed with Veritas DGC to apply coherence processing to its spec seismic survey data bank.

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