New workflow functionality, wavelet processing and parallel optimization in version 7.1 of CGG’s GeoVecteur Plus.

CGG’s Data Processing and Reservoir Services Division has announce the release of the annual upgrade of its seismic data processing package GeovecteurPlus. The new version brings a redesigned user interface, speed enhancements and the addition of new geophysical algorithms. Other new features include seamless access to workstation-based interpretive tools for velocity picking, prestack processing and stratigraphic inversion, and a new tool, Matcalc for wavelet processing.


The GeoWork graphical workflow manager now automates job building and submission while number crunching has been optimized to reduce prestack depth migration times by 40%. GeovecteurPlus now runs on all current IBM, SGI, Sun and HP platforms, and is optimized for these parallel architectures.

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