Dusty digits

We have already reported on Kelman Archives’ rationalization of Gulf Canada’s seismic archive last year (PDM Vol 4 N° 10). Kathy Taerum gave an account of this work at last year’s SEG conference and spiced her erudite account with a poetic list of archive objects encountered. Some of the verses, perhaps like some of the tapes, are blank.

From Dust to Digits

Bundles and folders, boxes and rolls
Analog, TIAC and HDDR
Sepias, vellums, mylars and film
Cartridges, 9-tracks, 8 mils and WORM

Chaining and OB’s for DFS III
GUS BUS and SEG-Y, SEG-A, B and D
Microfiche packets and microfilm spools
Sticky old tapes and checkshot files

Gravity, mag, VSP and 3D
Filtered and migrated stacks and tau-P
Clarke and Mercator and UTM Zone
Lat/Long, projection and "DATUM UNKNOWN"

Kathy Taerum, 1999.

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