Schlumberger’s new web portal is to offer an e-commerce based virtual data room service for trading oil and gas properties.

Following the launch last year of the UK’s LIFT website (PDM Vol 4 N° 11) focused on trades and acreage swaps in the North Sea, Schlumberger has extended the service world-wide with the launch of, a ‘global on-line service for acquisitions and divestitures’ to be rolled-out at the North American Prospect Exposition in Houston early in February.


Andrew Gould, executive vice-president of Schlumberger Oilfield Services said "This new Internet-based workspace will give our clients a global vehicle to market and sell property assets and data, as well as provide interested buyers a means to analyze and purchase properties from their desktop. We anticipate the on-line services offered by will significantly expand the asset trading market and help our clients get information to the market more efficiently, while saving them millions of dollars each year."


The new environment represents a step-change from the traditional paper-based, and logistically demanding, acquisition and divestiture (A&D) process of the upstream oil and gas industry. Through, oil and gas companies, regulatory agencies and brokers will be able to market their international properties on-line to a worldwide audience, with secure access to commercial and proprietary data sets, scaleable property marketing services and virtual interpretation centers. In addition, clients will have access to evaluation tools, consulting services and industry-related news. Three levels of services will be offered, each with appropriate security access.

virtual data room

Qualified clients will be able to browse general information about assets or access one of the virtual data rooms for in-depth asset analysis. The current network of GeoQuest PowerHouse data management centers (see PDM Vol 4 N° 5) will be supporting the ‘pool. Alfredo Santolamazza, general manager of IndigoPool said "Clients can expect reduced cycle time for asset disposal, improved asset value from portfolio packaging and analysis with immediate access to a larger customer base,". Schlumberger’s intent is that the ‘pool will be used not only by oil and gas companies but also by data vendors.

IHS Energy

Already, the venture has been endorsed by Dave Noel, president of IHS Energy. Noel said "We immediately recognized the value will bring to the industry worldwide," said Noel. "Our mutual customers will benefit from the integration of our data with the technology and processes of" The portal will be open to all owners of data, both commercial and proprietary, and will offer a broad range of transaction services in information and knowledge management. Owners and brokers of non-exclusive seismic surveys and public domain data can also use the gateway. As a neutral service provider, Schlumberger will only facilitate the purchase or disposal of property, while all financial transactions related to properties will continue to be handled by participating companies, brokers and financial institutions.


The proof of the pudding will be industry take-up of the service. In this context it is interesting to note that on the UK LIFT venture there are some 93 properties on offer valued at US $370 million. LIFT clients include Amerada Hess, BP Amoco Exploration, Burlington Resources, Chevron , Elf Exploration, Enterprise Oil, Kerr-McGee, OMV , PanCanadian Petroleum, Shell UK, Texaco, Veba Oil & Gas, and Wintershall.


The ‘pool also allows Schlumberger to showcase its technology including the Finder data management system and Merak’s on-line Value Management software. User security leverages Schlumberger network solutions and smart card technologies. On-line GeoQuest geoscience and engineering applications will be available to support use of the site for in-depth asset analysis. Dive into the ’pool on

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