New data management for CADCentre

New engineering database technology acquired from Kvaerner and DuPont is to be marketed by Cadcentre as the Vantage database.

Cadcentre, a market leader for computer aided engineering computer systems for process and power plants, has announced the acquisition of a suite of engineering database and data management software systems from Kvaerner and DuPont. The deal is understood to be worth $2.5 million. “This latest acquisition represents a decisive stage in the realization of our vision to create an integrated engineering IT environment, covering all aspects of plant engineering,” said Richard Longdon, Cadcentre Group chief executive.


“We are now in a position to provide our clients with the tools and consulting services they need to exploit IT as an enabler for significant business improvement. Today’s global engineering projects generate vast amounts of information, much of which is often duplicated and held at different sources. Successful project execution relies on a single, consistent source of information using proven, stable, open, and highly automated technology. Our integrated engineering IT environment, driven by VANTAGE, will make this possible.” Cadcentre has a staff of 250 and claims 500 clients world-wide.

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