Virtual sandbox

Fakespace’s latest hardware for the virtual realist is designed both for desert warfare and seismic interpretation. In the latter instance it allows VR to be deployed in the small remote office.

Fakespace has introduced portable virtual reality hardware for use in rempote offices and in the filed. The ‘virtual sandbox’ - can be used in command and control situations for desert warfare or for geophysical interpretation!


The new mobile unit—the Immersadesk H3 was first shown at the 1999 SIGGRAPH. Designed for use in temporary locations the H3 is said to be suited to field offices located near exploration regions. The H3 can be assembled in ten minutes and offers a 76" (193 cm.) diagonal screen with 1500x1200 resolution. The asking prices of $125,000 includes five pairs of funny (stereoscopic) glasses and a virtual wand controller. Optional Pinch Gloves and head tracking are also available. More from

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