Ark moves in on seismics

Ark Geophysics has joined forces with CustomLink Services to extend its service offering into seismics. First products include new seismic inversion and data management tools.

Best known for its potential field software and services, UK-based Ark Geophysics is teaming with CustomLink Services (CLS) to offer seismic software and services to its clients. CLS is a small UK-based software house working principally for BP Amoco developing seismic inversion and data management software. CLS’ flagship product is Seismic Colored Inversion (SCI).

Fast track

SCI was first presented by Lancaster et al at the Calgary 2000 SEG. SCI is a ‘fast track’ inversion process which is integrated with the major E&P frameworks. It is claimed that the inversion gives similar results to conventional processes but much more quickly.

Seismic Transfer

Another new product from CLS is Seismic Transfer Plus (STP) – a tool for moving data between seismic interpretation systems. High tech inter-process communication between client and servers uses the “Integrated Data Exchange and Access Link” (IDEAL) layer.


The technology is already on offer to IRAP RMS clients and offers ‘seamless’ data loading of 3D seismic volumes from SeisWorks and GeoShare. Multiple 3D volumes can be managed in STP allowing for 4D work. STP was developed under sponsorship from BP. The deal with Ark assures application support and maintenance through the larger partner. More from

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