IHS buys QC Data geoscience unit

IHS Energy has bought QC Data’s Petroleum Data Services Division, creating a new unit, IHS Accumap. One “asset” included in the deal is QC Data president John Redfern, who has been nominated president of IHS Energy.

IHS Energy is getting acquisitive again. Target this time around is the Petroleum Data Services (PDS) division of Calgary-based QC Data. The deal includes QC Data’s AccuMap Enerdata, acquired in 1998. PDS provides software for browsing and visualization of petroleum data and assures online delivery of geotechnical (land, geological and well-log) data. The acquisition includes PDS’ entire Calgary, Houston, London and Moscow operations.


IHS Energy Group chairman and CEO, Chris Meyer, said “The acquisition consolidates IHS Energy Group’s ability to deliver innovative, comprehensive solutions for our oil and gas clients worldwide and complements our existing data sets. The deal launches IHS into the international log data market.”

IHS Accumap

In Canada, IHS Energy Canada will be combined with AccuMap and called IHS AccuMap Ltd. The companies have been delivering integrated software and data service to oil and gas companies in western Canada for the last nine years. PDS’ Houston, London, and Moscow operations will be integrated into IHS Energy Group’s existing international subsidiaries. In the US and internationally, significant synergies exist between IHS Energy Canada, AccuMap and QC Data’s respective data assets and services. QC Data claims the largest, high-quality database of digital logs in the US and has a digital-log outsourcing relationship with the U.S. Minerals Management Service.


QC Data president John Redfern has been appointed president of IHS Energy Group. Redfern stated “An exciting result of this merger will be the introduction of our next generation products, such as Accu-X and AccuMap Open, to new markets outside of Canada. Thanks to IHS Energy’s global market presence and its unique international data sets, we will be able to offer E&P professionals powerful new data browsing and visualization tools.” Chris Jones has been named president of the new IHS AccuMap unit. Over 450 companies and 6,000 individuals currently use PDS/AccuMap software, data and information hub solutions.

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