Louisiana independents join IndigoPool

The Louisiana Independent Oil and Gas Association is to promote member assets on Schlumberger’s IndigoPool e-commerce portal.

The 700 members of the Louisiana Independent Oil and Gas Association (LIOGA) can now promote their oil and gas properties on Schlumberger’s IndigoPool e-commerce portal. Sellers can list oil and gas prospects and assets on a LIOGA branded section of IndigoPool, while buyers will be able to conduct technical reviews by accessing comprehensive information, data, and software applications on the secure web site. LIOGA will coordinate the listing process with technical support from IndigoPool.


LIOGA president Don Briggs said “Our relationship with IndigoPool is an innovative service to our members that will undoubtedly help to improve A&D efficiency for independent oil and gas companies in Louisiana and will encourage new players to participate in the Louisiana marketplace. Our members now have access to the same tools and technology as larger corporations.”


IndigoPool president Satish Pai added “We are excited to be able to provide a service that will improve workflow and efficiency resulting in improved financial performance and productivity for the independent companies that are LIOGA members.” LIOGA was organized to represent the independent sector of the oil and gas industry in Louisiana. LIOGA’s primary goal is to provide the industry with a working environment that will enhance the industry in Louisiana.

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