Offshore web TV from DMS

Schlumberger unit Data Marine Systems now offers high quality, low bandwidth video links to offshore and remote locations. The system uses the web to “take the problem to the expert.”

Schlumberger unit Data Marine Systems (DMS) has teamed with technical documentation specialists ODL to launch an internet service for remote sites. The offshore to onshore video relay service allows high quality images from ROV, CCTV cameras or camcorders to be viewed onshore in a web-browser. Images are relayed to a secure internet site or intranet via existing data networks and satellite at approximately one frame per second.

ODL software

Aberdeen-based ODL has provided software to view images in VCR fashion with play, rewind, fast-forward and freeze controls. What distinguishes the new system is ability to convey a high quality image over narrow band-width. The service is tailored for low capacity links such as those encountered on offshore installations and other remote sites.


DMS’ Tim Everitt said “Imagine a subsea survey company has filmed a pipeline under the North Sea using an ROV camera. The company needs their expert to study the data, but he’s in a hotel room in Paris. He simply plugs into the internet and accesses what was happening on camera at 3 a.m., or 12 noon, or even in real time. Several people can receive the survey data and collaborate on problem solving, irrespective of location.” ODL’s specially developed software can be customized to client requirements.

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