Hydro deploys Dacqus

Hydro has contracted with Roxar for systems and software for real-time monitoring of offshore reservoirs.

Norsk Hydro is contracting Norwegian service company Roxar to supply high tech reservoir monitoring systems. Roxar provides specialized down hole valves and telemetry for the continuous monitoring of reservoir performance. A database management and data mining system, Dacqus, captures and analyzes the vast amount of information collected by the real time monitoring.


Roxar’s Jan Erik Nordtvedt told PDM – “Downhole instrumentation is a specialized business - the subsurface can be a tough environment for instrumentation with temperatures of 150-200°C and pressures of 700 bars. Roxar’s oldest in-situ gauge has been providing pressure data every second since 1990 [that’s 630 million seconds!]. Dacqus software is “instrument near” and continuously monitors gauge performance - checking that they are loading the system. If not an email can be sent automatically to initiate maintenance.


The contract with Hydro covers instrumentation and diagnostics for three years with options for four additional years, and is valued at NOK 90 millions. Roxar has carried out over 400 gauge installations throughout the world. At some locations, gauges are used to control production. Roxar is now working on radar monitoring of fluids near the well bore and super high temperature and pressure gauges - “A big challenge, more like working for NASA than the oil and gas business!” Nordtvedt said.

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