Delinea, JD Edwards team

Energy e-business specialist Delinea is working with JD Edwards to offer ERA software to utilities in ASP mode.

J.D. Edwards has partnered with startup e-business solution provider Delinea to offer collaborative commerce solutions to clients over Delinea’s energy focused Application Service Provision infra-structure. First client of the new service is Koch Energy, Inc.. Delinea implemented J.D. Edwards’ OneWorld financial solution for the billion-dollar energy company in three months and enabled Koch Energy to quickly roll out the application.


Delinea CEO Ron Verner added “In OneWorld we have found the comprehensive solution our utilities and petroleum marketing customers require.” Delinea plans to introduce ASP offerings to clients in the first quarter of 2001. Delinea Corp. was founded in April 2000 and now has 140 employees. Delinea received financing from Koch Ventures. More from

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