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Baker Hughes’ Atlas Online has announced Total Recall - an e-commerce enabled version of its well log data management software.

The dust is settling in Baker Hughes after the sale of the Western Geophysical unit. The Western data management environment – Expeditor has gone over to Western Geco, as did initially, the Atlas Online software unit, which develops and markets the Recall well log data management package. This proved a false start, and Atlas Online was “recalled” into the Baker Hughes organization.


Recall is now available as a web enabled data management solution, Total Recall – offering ‘tape-less’ data delivery. Total Recall has been used for some time for well log data delivery from the well site. Now IT is available for direct delivery to customers. An e-commerce interface provides a shopping cart metaphor for web-based data management. Logs can be distributed to a pre-defined list of partners or workers and display preferences can be stored. The interface is a non-graphical drill down through menus – a GIS is planned for a future release. Check out the system on


To support the new e-business offering, Baker Huges has developed a well log modeling language “RecallML.” This differs from the POSC defined WellLogML in that it does not attempt to store trace data in the XML file, but provides more comprehensive header information, with pointers to trace data in Recall. Another new product is LogScape, which is described as ‘Excel for logs.’ With LogScape, petrophysicists can generate their own derived curves using ad-hoc formulae.

Commercial news

Recall is the motor for well log data management within PGS’ PetroBank. Now that Landmark has acquired PetroBank, and Schlumberger has acquired Expeditor, the data management business is getting decidedly incestuous. With the award of the CDA contract to PGS, a migration of the CDA well log data from LogDB to Recall is in the offing.

Shell Expro

Shell Expro’s well log data base Epicor has been migrated to Recall over the last 18 months, while Shell/Exxon domestic unit NAM has developed an Original Format Data Base (OFDB) – with an auto-export to OpenWorks/GeoFrame. This includes scanned core images and SCAL (400 attributes). All this along with the ExPress Petrophysics database is migrating to Recall. This includes rock mechanics and borehole stability data. Other major Recall clients include BP Vastar (120,000 wells) and ExxonMobil (100,000 wells.)

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