Letter from BizTech for Energy

BizTech for Energy general manager Lamar Traylor comments our coverage of the organization’s member meeting.

I want to thank you for your article on B4E. I would like the add the following comment. In your editorial note at the bottom of the article you said “one suspects a little reticence” on the part of the B4E membership in releasing a ratified standard to the public. That is not the case and would be counter productive to what we are trying accomplish. Ratified standards will be posted to the general website. Though I've been a little slow in getting them posted it is a reflection on my efficiency not on the desire of the foundation.


I've attached a copy of document that outlines the standards submission process. Please note that in Step 5 the process states that the "ratified" standards will be posted on both the MSN community site (which is restricted to B4E members) and the general website (which is open to the public). You will also note that until ratified, pending standards will only be posted on the MSN community site. I hope this clarifies the situation and again I thank you for your article.

Lamar Traylor
General Manager

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