PPDM has released version 3.5 of its standard E&P data model. The organization is also investigating XML as a data transport mechanism.

The Public Petroleum Data Model Association is releasing Version 3.5 of its standard data model in “Pre-Production” form for final comments by the membership.

V 3.5 RSN

Version 3.5 includes significant improvements and developments of the Model in the areas of Stratigraphy, Land Management, Contracts, Spatial Enabling and Projects. Version 3.5 includes Reference Guides, Roadmaps and a Sample Data Set. PPDM has also started work on an XML data exchange and schema architecture.


A membership survey found considerable interest for an XML-based transport mechanism for well data. Work is now in progress on an XML schema, based on the PPDM data model. The mechanism is intended to provide data transfer which will be independent of computer platform, operating system and application software.


The XML schema can also provide constraints on uniqueness and referential integrity. The intent is to further encapsulate PPDM standards and business rules in the schema. Mappings to other industry standard ASCII formats is also planned.

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