Virtual Reality seismic Processing for Western

Western Geophysical is to set up its own ‘Reality center’ in Houston in a joint venture with Magic Earth. The new center will showcase Western’s multi-client data and provide VR capability to seismic processors.

Western Geophysical and Magic Earth have reached a global agreement on cooperative use of Magic Earth’s GeoProbe virtual reality seismic interpretation software. The volume visualization software will be combined with Western Geophysical’s seismic data acquisition and processing resources.


The Magic Earth system will be deployed worldwide to showcase Western’s multi-client seismic libraries and to aid in planning seismic acquisition and data processing. The deal also allows for global deployment of the GeoProbe throughout Western Geophysical operations – to give Western’s clients access to the high-end interpretation software. A joint marketing and distribution agreement will underpin further development and implementation of the software to end-user clients worldwide.


Western Geophysical President Gary Jones commented “Magic Earth’s technology can be used to unlock value contained within Western Geophysical’s 3-D seismic libraries and data processing and reservoir services. This unique relationship is intended to help our customers map and interpret more data in less time. Western has the quality data, global reach and skilled people, and now we have added a powerful visualization capability in Magic Earth, which can bring substantial value to our customers.”


Mike Zeitlin, Chairman and CEO of Magic Earth, added, “Through Magic Earth’s strategic relationship with Western Geophysical, we can quickly deploy our innovative solution to the marketplace integrated with Western Geophysical’s seismic processing technology and global network. This can provide our customers with outstanding value in both their data and the means to rapidly interpret that data using GeoProbe.” Western is now also to share responsibility for the joint operation of Magic Earth’s first immersive visualization center in Houston.

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