Evans and Sutherland is offering an add-on to ArcView to allow for photo-realistic representation of 3D GIS site models.

Virtual Reality specialist Evans & Sutherland (E&S) is bringing 3D GIS data “to life” with its new RapidSite Producer software. Producer creates photo-realistic 3D site visualizations from cartographic site data held in ESRI’s ArcView 3D Analyst. GIS professionals can now fly their audiences interactively through a photo realistic visualization of their 3D site data. Producer also allows users to create digital images and video for electronic publication and distribution.


E&S VP Bob Ard said “Many people find it difficult to interpret accurately symbolic representations, whether presented in a 2D or 3D form. Producer solves this problem, transforming 3D GIS site data into a photo realistic 3D representation that appears literal and natural, rather than symbolic.” Producer reads TINs, GRIDS, and shapefiles from 3D Analyst, plus aerial or satellite ortho images. More from www.es.com.

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