Virtual Data Room

Spectrum gets Information Age nomination for Virtual Data Room used in disposal of the Saga UK assets.

Spectrum Data Management is a finalist in Information Age Magazine’s IM Awards 2000. The nomination was made for the Electronic Data Room that Spectrum put in place for the disposal of the UK assets of Saga Petroleum, subsequent to its acquisition by Norsk Hydro.

140,000 documents

The virtual data room housed over 140,000 documents which were scanned and indexed in three weeks. The data was made available to potential purchasers on indexed sets of 22 CD-ROMs. Additionally, two virtual data rooms were set up with an Oracle server running the Centra 2000 document management system, and housing ten networked PC client workstations. Centra developed a customized web-based front end browser for the document repository.


Spectrum’s Jon Lucas told PDM that clients preferred the assured security of the managed data room over the public portal approach. Spectrum Data Management is a wholly owned subsidiary of Spectrum Energy and Information Technology. The unit provides scanning and e-business services to the oil and other industries. More from

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