Petrove productizes waterflood software

Petrove is venturing into software development. Its first product, FloodAnalysis, targets waterflood optimization.

Missouri City, Texas-based Petrove is expanding its business into software development. Petrove’s flagship product, FloodAnalysis is designed to optimize waterflooding of oil and gas reservoirs.


FloodAnalysis optimizes individual well production and injection rates and features flexible pattern definitions, multiple production intervals, handy case management, and forecasting of oil/water rates. FloodAnalysis optimizes oil production by calculating the wells’ production and injection rates. It handles non-standard well patterns and multiple production intervals. It also provides the ability to quickly predict field-wide oil and water production.

Case Management

Its Case Management strategy allows you to easily justify planned well interventions. Finally, it has the flexibility to store your data in a variety of databases to facilitate sharing the information with others. A free, 14-day evaluation copy is available for download at

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