ARC data model

The Open Modeling Consortium has developed a spatial data model for utilities.

ESRI has developed new data models for electric and gas utilities under the auspices of the Open Modeling Consortium (OMC). The OMC is composed of ESRI, Miner and Miner, Consulting Engineers, Inc., and ESRI geographic information system (GIS) users at 70 utilities throughout the world. ESRI product manager Steve Grisé said “ESRI is providing a data model representing common, fundamental aspects of most electric and gas networks. We are providing an invaluable tool to help utilities realize the many benefits of GIS.”


With ArcGIS data models, consultants and developers can build applications based on open standards and users will benefit from a new level of interoperability and data exchange. Miner and Miner president, Jeff Meyers “It might seem a little ambitious to try to get an entire user community to agree on core technical concepts, but this group has worked well together and the benefits are enormous. The OMC is a forum for sharing technology, for helping new users and will provide a stable target for application developers.” The data models are now available for free download on ArcOnline and an ArcGIS data model book and CD will be available in the near future.

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