Seacon, Georex team

Seacon Computer Systems has signed with Paris-based Georex to offer tape transcription services to EU clients.

Tape transcription specialist and high-end PC integrator Seacon and Paris-based Georex AT are to join forces to offer European clients integrated data transcription services. Seacon began operations in 1990 and has claims to have developed the first DOS-based tape transcription system. The software now consists of over 100 routines for conversion and diagnostics covering large range of industry formats including demultiplexing and consolidation of seismic data registered in old tapes and old formats to SEG-Y. Services now include archival to Digital Video Disk.


Seacon president Neil Moore told PDM - “The new 4.7 GB DVD-RAM drives have just come on the market. We have been testing them since August and have found performance quite remarkable. The 9.6 GB double sided disks was greeted with excitement here in Houston at the GCAGS meeting last month. Everyone is tired of fooling with tape and wasting a great deal of time that could be better spent looking for oil and gas.”


Georex provides petroleum exploration services, data management, indexing and data QC. The new alliance covers both existing Seacon technology and new tools for transcription, storage and enhanced data retrieval.

Transcription service

The companies are investigating the possibility of setting up a Paris-based transcription service. Georex AT has 45 employees. More from and

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