ASP TerraStation from GeoNet

TerraSciences is pre-announcing TerraStation availability from GeoNet for next year, suggesting a longish time to market for its ASP offering.

Announced at the AAPG, (PDM Vol. 5 N° 5) TerraSciences’ TerraStation software will be available for rental “real soon now” through GeoNet Inc., the Houston-based Application Service Provider (ASP). TerraStation II is a geological and petrophysical workstation with borehole imaging and geochemical analysis functionality.


When the ASP offering is up and running, TerraStation users will be able to access software and data over the web from a remote location, with only a web browser as client software. An account will first have to be initiated with GeoNet. User data can be stored on GeoNet’s secure servers. Apart from the low client-side overhead, ASP is claimed to eliminate other costly aspects of IT such as providing users with the latest version of the software, without the need to install upgrades. Likewise the administrative burden of installing and maintaining software is eliminated.


Because the software runs on high-end processors at the GeoNet site, costs of client side hardware are diminished. Automated data back-up can also be handled by GeoNet. TerraStation has announced availability of the new service as “sometime in the first quarter of 2001.” This makes for a near one year lead in from first announcement to commercialization. While this may not impact TerraStation’s business, this does suggest that time to market for GeoNet’s innovative service is a little on the long side. More from

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