First T2B XML standard rollout

Biztech for Energy has unveiled its first standard. The XML spec will facilitate data exchange from the field to the accouinting system.

As forecast by PDM, the first technical-to-business integration standard is no longer COM-based, but instead consists of “a set of XML schema and DTDs integrating production field data capture and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) such as SAP R/3.” SAP, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Landmark Graphics, and TietoEnator defined and submitted the integration objects to BizTech 4 Energy in May. GeoQuest also participated in a review of the defined schema and supported the submission, now ratified by BizTech for Energy (B4E) as a supported standard.


Jens Breuker, SAP’s oil and gas industry manager said “Integrating an E&P company’s technical production applications with an ERP is a key step in improving the workflow and communications between the production operations and business support organizations within the company. SAP will use these XML documents with our Energy Integration Platform (EIP) to support a common point of origin for shared technical and business master file data and a single point of entry for transactions.”


Additional submissions to B4E are expected to continue as the organization’s process and technical committees have begun to hold monthly virtual meetings and have formed work teams to address specific areas of member interest. The process committee aids in the development of use cases and business benefits, while the technical committee reviews technology and defines the methods for documenting and implementing B4E standards.


In addition to a continued focus on integration of Land, ERP, and production data collection systems, work groups have been formed to address two additional areas. The first of these will address standards for distribution of data among operators and their joint interest owners, royalty owners, regulatory and service company constituents. The second work group will address standards for drilling workflow integration using technical drilling support applications, e-procurement applications, and ERP applications.

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