What’s inside the BizTech for Energy Standard?

Lamar Traylor, General Manager B4E tells PDM just what the standard org will be delivering.

The B4E “standard” is not so much code as a set of transaction definitions and the contents of those transactions. B4E is attempting to define a series of transactions that would provide a “common” format for moving data generated on the technical side of E&P over to the business side. Right now there is a disconnect between those two business functional units and data from technical applications has to be transcribed into the on the business packages. This leads to duplication of effort and inefficiencies in operation, not to mention a lack of responsiveness to requests for data on which business decisions are made. B4E is currently faced with the daunting task of comprehending a confusing array of interface requirements.

If we can set a standard for moving that data between the two broad functional business units, then our respective organizations can write to one transaction format with some assurance that that data can then be moved between these two suites of applications. This of course will reduce our respective development cost and time to market with these interfaces. So, though code will be generated on both the sending side and the receiving side, we are not specifying (or providing) the actually implementation code, but rather the format that resulting data should be written or read in.

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