e-Field Ticket

New software from Wellogix set to accelerate drilling e-business through automated invoicing.

Wellogix, Inc. is rolling out its eField-Ticket software, an online version of the manual process currently employed for reporting oilfield operational costs. eField-Ticket automates reconciliation of the invoice and purchase order.


Product manager Scott Cope explained “During the drilling of a well, many services are carried our by contractors. Once such work is performed, the service company will submit field tickets summarizing what was done and how much the products or services cost. These must be reconciled with the original purchase order and final invoices before payment is made. For large operators, business units today manually reconcile thousands of paper field tickets per month.

Business process

With eField-Tickets, both oil companies and service companies realize an improvement in current business processes.” Wellogix was formed by the merger of WellBid, Inc. and eNersection. Wellogix’s collaborative software lets operators and contractors communicate and refine the complex, technical information required to deliver services needed during the life cycle of a well. Weatherford International, Inc. recently also invested in Wellogix and plans to use the software. More from www.wellogix.com.

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