GMI, Landmark ally

Landmark is cooperating with GeoMechanics International to develop and remarket wellbore stability software.

Palo Alto, CA-based GeoMechanics International, Inc. (GMI), has entered into a strategic alliance with Landmark Graphics to integrate GMI’s wellbore stability, image analysis and rock mechanics software with Landmark’s interpretation suite. Through the alliance, Landmark will integrate GMI’s core technologies with its product lines and will market and distribute GMI’s existing software packages. Landmark and GMI will work on new products, building on GMI’s existing partnership with Halliburton Energy Services (HES) to provide a full range of geomechanical products and services for wellbore stability and all stages of reservoir development.


Dr. Colleen Barton, GMI’s president and co-founder said of the deal “The addition of geomechanics into Landmark’s earth model will improve the evaluation of new prospects through integration with seismic data, expand reservoir characterization through fracture and fault seal analysis, and optimize drilling operations as well as platform and well placement.” The partnership aligns GMI, Landmark and HES with ongoing initiatives within major E&P companies to advance understanding of wellbore stability problems. Barton added “GMI has worked with its oil and gas industry clients to solve drilling, well-planning and production challenges facing the industry, including deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and West Africa. Our partnership with Landmark and HES will allow us to deliver the full range of geomechanical applications, integrated into a process that spans the entire life of an oilfield - from prospect generation to collaborative well planning, execution at the rig site and long-term production of the reservoir.”


GMI was founded in 1996 by a team from Stanford University’s Department of Geophysics. Their core group of geoscientists and engineers are specialists in in-situ stress analysis, wellbore stability, wellbore image analysis and drilling engineering. GMI’s technologies have been successfully applied in drilling environments around the world by more than 30 of the largest international E&P companies. GMI is a privately held company with offices in California, Texas, Australia and Europe. More from

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